Sunday, 24 May 2015

I am never Growing Up!

Aaaahhhh! College over, job is about to start,
Every one says that life is hard and the pressure will be too much, now you have to grow up and be serious and quit being a child
 but I like being a child and don't wanna grow up

I was roaming around with my friends having some fun, when a respected elder of the society, who knew me, stopped me and asked about my whereabouts. I told him that I have just completed my college and have selected in a reputed company and will be leaving within a month for that.
He congratulated me and said something that was very weird and was not of my liking. He said, "GOOD YOU HAVE GROWN UP, NOW ITS TIME TO BE SERIOUS, NO MORE CHILDISH FUN. LIFE IS HARSH AND VERY PRACTICAL, YOU WILL HAVE TO BE VERY MATURE. Every one in society will expect this from you."

That time it felt like oh man, all of my friends are going to get separated and  lots of work and responsibility and no time for fun.

Will this be my life now? After an hour or two of thinking and being all depressed about it, I decided to say "BACK OFF" to society in my own way.

I am never growing up,
I am going to laugh out loud
hater shut your face up
I don't care about the crowd
i am a fun loving freak
and I am never growing up

I will wear a loss shirt,
and roam around in my boxers
I will kill the silence
fart as I don't care,
I will fool around,
I am not going to give up
because life is all about fun 
I swear I am not growing up

I will talk like i am rapping
I will run like I am escaping
 if i hear my fave song
I will dance on street hopping,
I will have my fun,
will prank everyone,
If I was not clear
I am shouting at my top
listen up,
I love being a child
and I am not growing up.
I am not growing up
I am not growing up

I will dance in the rain,
I will scream at the plane,
make faces and be wild,
when feeling lazy,
will walk zombi style,
I am crazy as hell,
and I am here to crazy this whole world up,
I told you,
I am not growing up.

On the low days I will run to my mom,
or hug my dog
or just have a tub full of ice cream,
I will spit all my sadness
and again polish my self and
smile to kill all my problems
depression, I am hard to get,
quit trying making my life tough.
I can bet I am not growing up

So here is to not growing and being crazy

Put your hands up ,
just put a party hat your head,
let madness be your swag,
dont care about what others will say,
eat till you are fat
dont let the sick haters get to you
because they are
they are miserable because the never had fun
so let storm of your awesomeness blow them up
and shout I am never growing up.

You dont have to kill the child inside your heart to be successful because its the child in you that helps you to be happy even when situation is tough.

© Abhishek Shukla, The Voice of Heart:I am never Growing Up!

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