Friday, 6 February 2015

Love’s Invocations

Hundred of candles lit,
Another hundred blown

I believed in every form of god that I have known

I locked the padlock on the bridge
and have threw the key
where it should have thrown

Wrote my wishes on thousands of sky lanterns
That I have flown,
Did everything I could have done to get you
Did every superstitious deed

To find my love in you once it was gone

I sent a million prayer to the sky
Invocation to the almighty
All returned unanswered , unheard

Like the destination was unknown
Are you sitting there,
Are you really in existence,

Or just piece of creation of mind,

seeking help in distress and torn

If you are there
Then give the only thing that I want
Give me back my love
Show me the light again that once you have shown

© Abhishek Shukla, The Voice of Heart: Love's Invocations
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