Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Some people like me, works based on our goals, everything that we do is mostly focused on that goal.
The time when you have achieved one of your goal and we are not able to find next goal, we end up getting depressed because it is not the goal that gives you happiness, it is effort. But when we don’t know what the goal is how we can put effort, what should we try for.
And we end up feeling bad and everything mixes, I hate to keep secrets at that time, I hate every small problem because I don’t have any aim pulling me towards itself


Darkness, dullness and slow, 
Everything is
Dim, cold and blue
Grey palaces with dungeon
Locks and obstacles 

there is hopelessness and desperation 
Cracks in vessels of glass
Flaws of innovation

Sky is falling over 
Sea has lost its waves too

Paths are long 
What destiny is? No clue 
Green and brown roads travelled
But still there is no joy in either of the two 

Movement is without direction 
Milestone has lost its meaning too

With false pretense of horizon
and among so many mirage 
Truth and lie,
Difference is unidentifiable in these two

© Abhishek Shukla, The Voice of Heart: Despair
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