Monday, 17 November 2014

यूँ ही न तुझे जाने दूंगा: Wouldn't abandon you like that

Sometimes when your love goes into dark tunnel of problem and you are not able to see the light of relief,

This is the time when you hold on to your love fighting all the problem, saying this to your loved one

यूँ ही न तुझे जाने दूंगा
वक़्त से छीन लाऊंगा

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The faith

First crush is the first crush.
It is said people come and go but the first crush is unforgettable.

What if the first crush is the only crush you have, and you are so keen to convert that crush into something more because that crush is something that drives you, gives you strength to try one more time and do the impossible.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The ray of hope

In the times when you feel confined in a cage of your own mind, feeling a bit low seeing things going not too well for you then you go and try to find a inspiration that can keep you moving and force you to try more and more.
                                            Seeing things go slow and becoming stagnant, I started feeling low. No one special to be with, all friends busy in there own matters, we meet but for short time and then we go on separate paths. It started to become very boring but as you find things that give you hope . For me it is the sky, where we all dream to be and its constant existence give us hope. Stars that shine just to give as a ray of hope.