Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Go ahead, now the turn is yours

Sometimes the situations are so hard that one decides to give up. He losses all of his courage and feel despair. It is like the darkest hours have turned into uncountable time. The only thing that keeps you together is a hope of opportunity to prove your self. In such times you need someone to tell you this again and again, someone who believes in you.

                                                              One friend of mine who was determined to join a training in software company for summers got hit by a car. In that accident his both legs got fractured. He was so said as he gave up an opportunity to present his artwork (his hobby of sketching) in renounced inter college  event of art to join this training. And at that time he was unable to join either of them. He felt very sad, a that we friends stayed with him and tried to console him but it was of no use.
                    But one day I came across a online art competition and went to tell him. To inspire him I said,

आगे  बड़ो  अब  बारी  तुम्हारी  है .

क्यों  नहीं  जलती  आँखों  में चिंगारी,
क्यों  नहीं  खोल  उठती खून  की  लाली.

जब देखते  हो , खुद  के  सपनो  को  टूटते ,
रोते  हो  क्यों , क्यों  परिस्तिथियों से  नहीं  ज़ुज़हते ,
जब  देखते  हो  खुद  के  हौसलों  को  दूसरों  के  दम  से  दबते ,
हरने  से  डरते  हो  क्यों , क्यों  नहीं  अपने  लिए  लड़ते ,
जीतोगे  कैसे  जब  तुम  लड़े  ही  नहीं .

जीत हार , गम  ख़ुशी  तो  है  रीत  जिंदगी  की ,
आखिर  इनकी  परवाह  क्यों  हो  करते .

हवा  के  संग  उड़ो , धरा  के  विपरीत  बहो ,
अंधेरो  का  उजाला  बन  उन  बेबस  डरावनी  रातों  को  जागो ,

ये रात तो सिर्फ तुम्हारे ज़ुज़हाने की तैयारी है ,
घना अँधेरा तो आना बाकि है .
उस अँधेरे को फाड़ दो ,
सारी रोशनी तुम्हारी है ,
आगे  बड़ो  अब  बारी  तुम्हारी  है .

आगे  बड़ो  अब  बारी  तुम्हारी   है .

Translation in English:-

Go ahead, now the turn is yours .

Why sparks are not there in your eyes,
Why the redness of your blood doesn’t rise.

When you see your dreams  being broken,
Why don’t you deal with the conditions, why do you cry,
When you see your morale being buried by someone else’s strength,
Why don’t you focus on  fight for yourself, Why do you fear to lose,
How you are supposed to win without a try.
Win-lose, sadness- happiness are mere custom of life;
Why the hell do you care.

Fly with the wind, swim against the tide,
Stay awake like a torch, in helpless horrorsome nights,

They are just preparing you to fight,
The era of dense darkness still awaits, slowly craws towards outside.
But your strength and will make your survival of every fight,
Tear the sheet of the darkness,
Then all the light is yours,
Go ahead, now the turn is yours.

© Abhishek Shukla: The Voice of Heart: Go ahead, now the turn is yours 
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