Saturday, 8 November 2014

The faith

First crush is the first crush.
It is said people come and go but the first crush is unforgettable.

What if the first crush is the only crush you have, and you are so keen to convert that crush into something more because that crush is something that drives you, gives you strength to try one more time and do the impossible.

 What if the crush is the one who makes you believe yourself, what if that crush makes you put your faith in your self.
Because that is what my crush is to me, my strength, my love, my passion, my faith and most importantly my reason of having faith in myself.

जिसको खुद पे यकीन भी ना था,
तेरे आने से उसको खुद पर गुमान हो गया|

जिसकी जागीर कतरा भी ना थी,
उसका आज सारा ज़हाँ हो गया|

जो जीवन अभिशाप भी न था,
वो आज दुआ हो गया|

तुम जो मिल गये हो मुझे,
ऐसा लग रहा है, 
खुदा हम पर मेहरबान हो गया |

Let me translate it in English

Who was not having faith in himself,
Got his own vanity on your arrival.

Whose estate was not even a shred,
Suddenly got the treasure of the whole world. 

The life that was not even a curse,
Became the most significant blessing.

Since I got you,
It looks like
God has smiled on us.

© Abhishek Shukla, The voice of Heart : The Faith
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