Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The way I thought I will propose a girl

Right from the day I saw her, coming out of shadow of tree and passing by me, removing her hair from her face. i saw that smile, one capable of charging the light station itself. She used to be my class mate but at that time I was not able to tell her what I feel so I decided to wait for a good day to tell her, But in my mind I thought of 100 ways to propose to her
one was
Singing this to her in middle of a party

तेरा आशिक़

तेरी आँखों में ऐसे में डूबा हूँ क्यों,
जानेमन, ये तू ही बता |

तेरी  यादों  के  साये  में  खोया  हूँ  क्यों ,
मेरी  जान  ये  तू  ही  बता .
धीर्रे  धीर्रे  में  तेरा  दिवांना  बना
ये  तूने  है  क्या  कर  दिया ,
तेरी  हर  बात  सुन , मै खुश  हो रहा,
ये  मुज़  को  क्या  हो  गया ,

छा रहा , तेरा  खुमा ,
तेरा  नशा , है  सर  चढ़  गया .
हा  तेरा  आशिक़  हूँ  मै  बन  गया

But after trying to sing it once I realized it would be better that I never sing in front of her again :-) .
So rain-check.. 
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