Saturday, 25 March 2017


हवा में  उड़ते  कागज  को  जब  देखता  हूँ
तो  सोच  में  पढ़ जाता  हूँ ,
की  क्या  ये  लवारीस  सा  ज़्होके  में झूलता कागज़  वही  है ,
जिसपे जहाज  बना  कर , बचपन  उदाया था,
या  ये  वो  है  जिसपे  अपने  मासूम  से  सपनो को  सजाया  था,
कहीं  ये  वो  कागज़  तो  नहीं ,
जिसपे  अपने  इज़हार-ऐ-इश्क़ को,
दिल की स्याही से  लिख के  आया  था ,

सोच ही  सोच में ये भी  सोच  जाता  हूँ,
क्या  ये  पन्ना वो  तो  नहीं ,
जिसपे खुद से खुद की उम्मीदों का ज़िक्र कर के आया था,
या  ये  वो  पन्ना  है ,
जिसपे  में दर्दो  को  ग़मों  को  लिख  फेंक आया  था,

सोचता  हूँ  पकड़  के  देख  लूँ ,
ये  ज़्होंका फिर क्या  ले  आया  था,

फिर सोचता हूँ उड़ ही जाने दो इस कागज़  को ,
बीते लम्हे को पड़के क्या  मिल  पायेगा ,
जानता हूँ समय की चाल को,
ये फिर से सामने कोरा  कागज़ लाएगा,
होगें कई  नए  किस्से,
बीतता लम्हा फिर से कुछ लिखवाएगा,
अगला ही ज़्होंका उसे भी उड़ा ले  जायेगा !

© Abhishek Shukla, The Voice of Heart:कागज़

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

न बोल पाए तुमसे

न बोल  पाए  तुमसे
न  ही  अपने  मैं  दबा  सके ,

आज  मेरे  प्यार  के  टुकड़े
अश्को  में  कतरा  कतरा  बह  गए ,

न  पहुच  पाए  तुम  तक
न  ही  मेरे  पास  लौट  पाए
आज  दिल  के  निशान
नदीं  की  रेत  पे  रह  गए ,

Sunday, 13 September 2015

क्‍यूँ ना हम मिले उन्ही राहों मे

क्‍यूँ ना हम मिले उन्ही राहों मे
दो अजनबी से
ना कोई खबों पे बंदिशें हो
ना परवाह हो किसी की

Sunday, 24 May 2015

I am never Growing Up!

Aaaahhhh! College over, job is about to start,
Every one says that life is hard and the pressure will be too much, now you have to grow up and be serious and quit being a child
 but I like being a child and don't wanna grow up

Friday, 6 February 2015

Love’s Invocations

Hundred of candles lit,
Another hundred blown

I believed in every form of god that I have known

I locked the padlock on the bridge
and have threw the key
where it should have thrown

Wrote my wishes on thousands of sky lanterns
That I have flown,
Did everything I could have done to get you
Did every superstitious deed

To find my love in you once it was gone

I sent a million prayer to the sky
Invocation to the almighty
All returned unanswered , unheard

Like the destination was unknown
Are you sitting there,
Are you really in existence,

Or just piece of creation of mind,

seeking help in distress and torn

If you are there
Then give the only thing that I want
Give me back my love
Show me the light again that once you have shown

© Abhishek Shukla, The Voice of Heart: Love's Invocations

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Some people like me, works based on our goals, everything that we do is mostly focused on that goal.
The time when you have achieved one of your goal and we are not able to find next goal, we end up getting depressed because it is not the goal that gives you happiness, it is effort. But when we don’t know what the goal is how we can put effort, what should we try for.
And we end up feeling bad and everything mixes, I hate to keep secrets at that time, I hate every small problem because I don’t have any aim pulling me towards itself


Darkness, dullness and slow, 
Everything is
Dim, cold and blue
Grey palaces with dungeon
Locks and obstacles 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Yesterday, in between of a discussion, some body asked me, what do you think an artist is? and what is his/her worth (means there importance)?
 I took some time and then said this to him.
I dedicate this to all my fellow artists and my inspirations.


The redness of the morning sun
The blue endless sky painted with fun,
The music of the raging sea
The humming of the bee,
The smell of the roses
Are the inspiration ,
From the artist who is immortal,
To all the mortal once

Monday, 5 January 2015

Our Love

My friend, two years senior to me decided to marry a old time girl friend. But one day when we were sitting and relaxing after a game of cricket, he said that he is nervous and confused and thinks that his girlfriend is confused too, so I decided to do something for them. So I decided to write a poem and give them by name of each other. And I don't know it helped or not but today I am going to their wedding. 

Our Love

In the brightest light and even in the darkest night
Our love, will remain real and true,

In the times of hope and even in despair,
You will find me beside you, as support gear

In the madness and world of insanity
Our love will be like the calmness of the sea,